Audiovisual production

In Ares 2.0’s strategy, the production of audiovisuals takes on particular importance. In this activity, Ares 2.0 takes care of all aspects of the realization, from the script phase to the audiovisual product in its final form.

Overall, over the last five years, ARES 2.0 has been entrusted with the creation of 30 videos ranging from social promotion products on the themes of sustainability, work, training and trade union to videos and tutorials, animated infographic and institutional commercials.

Institutional Video / Event Video / Corporate / Documentary

Ares 2.0 - ricerca e comunicazione
ARES 2.0 - ricerca e comunicazione
Ares 2.0 - ricerca e comunicazione
ARES 2.0 - ricerca e comunicazione

The institutional video format (Corporate video) is an effective communication tool, useful to present and enhance the company’s reality in an immediate and engaging way, a fundamental tool to make itself known by exploiting the potential of new media.

A product that can be used in trade fairs, congresses, meetings, corporate presentations and social media.

Ares 2.0 provides all the services that are useful to compose the final product: filming at the facility, taking care of the sound and production of voiceover, responsible for publishing and editing, color correction and inserts in motion graphics, finalizing the product to spread on all platforms and channels available and respecting the most modern technical standards and quality.

Storytelling / Tutorial / Explainer video

Ares 2.0 - Ricerca economica e sociale - comunicazione istituzionale
Ares 2.0 - produzione video
Ares 2.0 - ricerca e comunicazione
Ares 2.0 - Tutorial video
Ares 2.0 - Tutorial video
Ares 2.0 - Video explainer
Ares 2.0 - Video explainer
Ares 2.0 - progettazione e formazione

The video transposition of guides and manuals has now become a common practice to illustrate, in an engaging way, the steps needed to learn new techniques and procedures, learning new things in any field.

Nowadays, audiovisuals have become an integral part of the learning process, visualization of practical examples step by step, multimedia and interactivity help the user and simplify teaching, greatly facilitating the acquisition of new knowledge.

Ares 2.0 takes care of all the steps necessary to obtain an immersive, simple and useful video product, through the careful production of functional texts for video, data visualization, animated infographics, filming and illustrations created ad hoc.

Spot / Commercial / Video Promo / Short Movie

Ares 2.0 - ricerca e comunicazione
Ares 2.0 - ricerca e comunicazione

The classic short advertising film in the age of social media takes on a different value, while maintaining its technical and narrative characteristics substantially unaltered. A key tool in an integrated social media marketing campaign, the video stimulates dialogue between users, involves and exponentially increases the brand awareness.

Ares 2.0, through a careful benchmarking operation and targeted research on the target audience, will choose the most suitable communication tone, producing a high quality product consistent to both the customer and the final purpose of communication.


  • Executive production
  • Content supervising
  • Scripts and copywriting
  • Shooting sessions
  • Editing
  • Visual effects
  • Motion graphic
  • Audio engineering
  • Color correction