About us

ARES 2.0 is a company specialized in socio-economic research, social communication activities, management of complex projects and training. Its organizational model is based on a network with a central core of internal specialists and an external  network of professionals who have different levels of continuity and stability in  their relationship with Ares 2.0. An organizational choice that guarantees an advantage due to the possibility of adapting the structure to the specific project needs. With this configuration, the company operates today with a team of 50 professionals who are experts in research in the statistical, economic and social sciences, trainers, communication creatives, video makers and experts in planning and management. With this configuration, the company is now ISO 9001: 2015 certified. For more information click here to download the company profile.

ISO 9001 Cert. n° 30700813 QM15Quality policy

Team Work

  • Clemente Tartaglione
    Clemente Tartaglione Chief Executive Officer
  • Luca Di Maio
    Luca Di Maio Financial officer, project audit expert
  • Andrea Falbo
    Andrea Falbo New media & audiovisual communication manager
  • Guido Giobbi
    Guido Giobbi Creative Director - Copywriter
  • Chiara Alonzo
    Chiara Alonzo Project Manager
  • Umberto Bettarini
    Umberto Bettarini Researcher and data analyst

Our main collaborators:

Sara Corradini: senior researcher, statistical analysis, social and labor policies
Andrea Gianfelice:
videomaker, motion designer
Stefano Corradini:
Institutional relations
Elio Montanari: senior researcher, legality and security
Klaus Mussen: events design
Fulvio Pellegrini: senior researcher, foreseeing analisys, evaluation and monitoring
Chiara Rapaccioni: digital PR

Other members of Ares 2.0 professional network:

Reasearch and education area

Giorgio Alleva, Guido Anselmi, Isabella Borrelli, Luigi delle Cave, Simona Calabrese, Mauro Di Giacomo, Giuliano Ferrucci, Mario Giaccone, Valentina Joffre, Anna Karin Lindberg, Luca Lollobrigida, Maria Antonietta Mariani,Lucia Martinez, Marco Manieri, Leopoldo Mondauto, Marco Ricchetti, Sandra Simeoni, Valentina Sturiale.

Communication, new media, audiovisual and events area:

Flavio Aquilone, Simona Buonaiuto, Michele Del Fa, Mario Di Fonzo, Laura Felicissimo, Gianfranco Fiore, Raffaele Gavarro, Giovanni Giudice, Annachiara Iannone, Marco Montecatino, Benedetto Motisi, Stefano Perna, Valeria Roccella, Laura Salomone, Carmen Sergi, Rino Setola, Rosario Sparno, Pierluigi Vitale, Enrico Vaioli, Paola Vinesi.

Clients & Partners
Educational plans
Communication activities
Video production

Clients & Partners


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