Economic and social research

Studies, Data analysis, information dossiers.

Thanks to an extensive interdisciplinary network of professionals ARES2.0 is able to design and implement, in a very short time, accurate studies and research, information dossiers oriented to support the development of policies and strategies by public and private decision-makers.

The consolidated cognitive interest sectors of ARES2.0 are: job market and vocational training, sustainability and security, welfare, social policies and citizenship, undeclared work and criminality, local development and the Made in Italy economy.

The survey methods combine the desk level, through the use of continuously updated statistical databases, and the field level, conducted through a wide range of research methodologies and traditional detection techniques, such as interviews and focus groups, and more innovative ones, such as the management of online surveys. Moreover, ARES2.0 expands the boundaries of economic and social research by using also Data Journalism tools and technologically advanced applications in the field of web2.0 in data visualization.


  • Macroeconomic research
  • Sectorial foresight studies
  • Business balance sheets analysis
  • Online surveys
  • Focus groups and workshops
  • Statistical samples
  • Big data analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Evaluation and monitoring