Design and management

European design, reporting, administrative and financial assistance.

ARES 2.0, thanks to its extensive experience in the management of complex projects, is able to offer a project management service in three areas of activity: design, evaluation and monitoring, reporting. The projects in which it applies its expertise are municipal, regional, national and European, thanks also to a staff able to work in different European languages (English, German, French, Spanish).


Ares 2.0 supports a world of institutions, such as companies and the third sector, helping each of these companies to access the funds necessary to pursue their mission or to give concrete form to a project idea.
Ares 2.0 provides specialized consulting in design activities ranging from the identification of the most suitable financing opportunities for the client, the elaboration of clear and effective lines of intervention; the creation and management of the partnership; to the drafting and delivery of the project proposal.
Ares 2.0 covers all major direct and indirect funding, together with Community intervention programmes, such as Structural Funds, COSME, Europe-Aid, Erasmus+, 7th Framework Programme, Seventh Framework Programme, Horizon2020, Cooperation, Ideas, People and Capacities, Competitiveness & Innovation Programme (CIP), Life+, ICT-PSP, Intelligent Energy Europe, Culture, Life Long Learning, MEDIA, ENPI, MED, Interreg, Central Europe and many others.
Design is an activity that requires high-quality standards and specific skills that cannot be improvised. Speaking and writing in English, having a logical approach, knowing how to identify and manage international networks, being able to use the resources and tools made available by different clients for the presentation of proposals, having financial and reporting knowledge are just a few where we excel. In Ares 2.0, these requirements are met by a specialized team.

Evaluation and monitoring

As part of the monitoring of the results and impacts of interventions, we offer support mainly in the following areas:

  • Evaluation, ex ante, ongoing and ex post evaluation of EU programmes;
  • Evaluation and monitoring of programmes and projects relating to European, national, regional and local policies, with particular attention to evaluating the effectiveness, results, and impacts against the expected targets;
  • Evaluation of specific strategic aspects, supporting stakeholders in the identification of key elements for possible targeted actions to reorient existing policies and actions in progress.
Reporting activities

Ares 2.0, thanks to its Team of Auditors, offers a service of verification of administrative and accounting technical compliance with the regulations governing access to national and EU public funds.

All of this in Ares 2.0 is reflected in the 5 key steps for a winning project:

1) Plan, with the precise identification of geographical and sectoral priorities, as well as the specific modes of engagement. This is a crucial phase in which the design team works alongside the client, giving form in a coherent, professional and effective way to their needs and ideas, as requested by the client. The design idea is generated and carefully evaluated in its consistency with the call for proposals, in its sustainability and viability.

2) Identify international and local partners, public and private, and actively involve them in the preparation of the proposal. In this phase, the extensive network of Ares 2.0 and the client’s network are evaluated with the aim of identifying those who can strengthen the credibility and solidity of the proposal. The design team assigns identified partners specific tasks marked by a precise calendar. At the same time, it manages communications by e-mail and video-conference so as to ensure a constant and clear interaction between all consortium members and between them and any relationships with the contracting authority and/or any external party.

3) Generate a project proposal that presents a robust methodology, which clearly, coherently and consistently outlines the line of action to be developed and its general and specific objectives. At Ares 2.0, these high standards are achieved through a working method based on collaboration between highly specialized figures: the research team together with communication. The monitoring and design team form a working group in constant comparison for the drafting of the whole project package at this stage.

4) To carry out the project within the timeline established by the Client and the project proposal, in order to guarantee the achievement of the objectives defined during the planning. The design team, together with other team professionals, carry out the activities according to specific needs.

5) Evaluate the project based on the actual results achieved. In this phase, Ares 2.0 identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the intervention, so that they can become an added value in future interventions.


  • Scouting of funding opportunities
  • Prior appraisal of projects
  • Support in the submission of e-proposals or other ad hoc procedures
  • Support in processing the project proposal
  • Support in the construction of financial plans
  • Partnership building support
  • Monitoring of the administrative and management process of the project
  • Relationship management and coordination of local and international partnerships
  • Ongoing, ex ante and ex post monitoring
  • Verification of administrative and accounting compliance of projects
  • Organizational Secretariat
  • Reporting