Design and management


  • OPEN Leveraging the potentialities of new media and Proactive CSOs and grass root movements to overcome Islamic radicalization online, ISFP
  • Provision of layout and printing services, Lot n.1, ETF
  • ABC Assessing needs, Building methodologies, Creating communication campaigns to foster the inclusion of newly arrived migrants in the school environment – ERASMUS +
  • Support to the planning and implementation of communication initiatives and promotion of INAPP activities as an intermediate body of the national operational program active employment policies and systems of the European social fund – INAPP
  • Framework Contract for provision of the Layout and Graphic Design Services – FRONTEX
  • The nature of work in the digitised workplace, EUROFOUND
  • Working conditions in sectors – Secondary analysis of the 6th EWCS. EUROFOUND
  • MARTE, A Multidisciplinary Approach to Recognize and Treat the Adverse Childhood Experiences, REC-RDAP-GBV-AG-2019
  • DOTS, grassroots monitoring to fight against multiple Discrimination On Third country nationals and asylum Seekers, REC-RDIS-DISC-AG-2019


  • EYESS European Youth Engaging in Solidarity and Sport -ERASMUS SPORT
  • Hashtag 2018, Justice
  • Municipality4Roma,REC-AG-2017
  • Children First, REC-AG-2018
  • Support in management and communication activities for  ACI Informatica srl
  • NEMO – Using the New media in Education to overcome Migrant discrimination Online – AMIF
  • TRUST – A Blockchain Driven Approach to Transparency and Sustainability in SMEs in Fashion, Design, Furniture and Other Forest-Based Products Supply Chains – HORIZON2020
  • Procedura negoziata ex art. 36, comma 2, lettera b) del D.Lgs. n. 50/2016 per la progettazione e implementazione di un Osservatorio regionale di ricerca e studi sui percorsi di transizione al lavoro dei laureati delle Università del Lazio
  • M2B From Migrant to Businessman: An E-learning solution and a real network to empower migrants, stimulate markets and activate – HORIZON2020
  • SCENARI servizi di supporto finalizzati alla realizzazione di sei studi di scenario per l’anticipazione dei fabbisogni professionali – INAPP
  • ERASMUS+procedura negoziata concernente la realizzazione n. 1 indagine di impatto relativa alle buone prassi progettuali relative al programma erasmus+ (2014-2020) e di n. 1 indagine sui benefici della partecipazione al programma da parte delle imprese -INAPP
  • ARIA, Archivi Aperti – FONDAZIONE BASSO
  • DIOGENES, Centro Internazionale di Ricerca e Sviluppo delle Nuove Tecnologie Digitali nelle Arti – CAMUSAC
  • SID, Scelsi in Digitale – FONDAZIONE SCELSI


  • Follow-up study on Trade Union practices on non-discrimination and diversity– JUSTICE
  • Wise- Witnessing Gender-Based Violence: Training for a New Network of Specialized Centres Partnership – JUSTICE
  • Municipality4roma, JUSTICE
  • Wear– Able Wear– Able -Acceleration of FashionTech Businesses Leveraging the WEAR Ecosystem, COSME Programme 2017
  • HASHTAG  for integration: Understanding and countering islamophobic hate speech online in Europe  – JUSTICE
  • RomaWoMan Roma teenagers beyond gender stereotypes – JUSTICE
  • CoastalCities Preservation in Coastal Cities. Participatory model for decision support in cultural landscapes management – Horizon 2020
  • LIKE New Alliance between TV and Schools for a Critical Approach to Media – ERASMUS+
  • Study on the final beneficiaries of the FEAD operational program FEAD
  • TRIP Integrato per la Valorizzazione del Patrimonio Culturale Europeo – Horizon 2020
  • IMPACT Model for Participative Assessment of Coastal Territories – Horizon 2020


  • Support service to the national contact point foreseen by the art. 3 of the decision of the Council of Europe of 14 May 2008, establishing the European Migration Network
  • SIC2SIC- Cycling through the Italian Natura 2000 Network, LIFE
  • Video Production services, technical proposal, tender n°: cft/16/etf/0008
  • ROMunicare: Empowerment related to Roma Inclusion” – JUSTICE


  • Network listening services and interaction on social networks – FerServizi
  • Strategic consulting service for the management of aspects of external and institutional relations concerning the localization and authorization processes of the National Deposit and Technology Park as per Legislative Decree no. 31/2010 and subsequent amendments. – SOGIN
  • NEXT – New young Excellences Towards social change – Horizon 2020
  • RICArt Innovative Network of Collaboration of Artistic Crafts in Campania  – Regione Campania
  • Offer for quarterly analysis of the labor market in Lombardy -Unioncamere Lombardia
  • Sector scenario studies for anticipating professional needs in cultural heritage sector and transport sector – ISFOL


  • Evaluation service of the national operational program “security for development – convergence objective 2007-2013”, provided for by the same program within the axis iii “technical assistance”, operational objective 3.2  – Ministro Interno
  • National public selection for the provision of financial contributions to support projects in the agricultural, food, forestry and fishing and aquaculture fields related to the purposes of the Expo Milano 2015 event – Ministero delle politiche agricole alimentari e forestali
  • Conception, planning and realization of a communication and information campaign on the rice industry – ISMEA
  • Acquisition of updated information and statistics on the state of immigration in Italy with particular reference to discrimination based on race and ethnic origin – UNAR
  • Evaluation Service for the integrated programs Work, Vocational Training, Education of the Province of Pistoia – Provincia di Pistoia
  • Studies and Analysis tools for early response to NEET phenomena – Horizon 2020
  • service for the realization of territorial orientation workshops aimed at territorial vocations – Provincia di Salerno
  • Review and analysis of regional and sub-regional initiatives aimed at improving employment and employability of targets (Women, Youth, Foreigners, People with Disabilities, Over 50) – ISFOL
  • EVERGREEN urban landscape for the future – Delivering on skills for growth and jobs


  • Drafting and executing the communication plan for the realization of the project of a youth aggregation center for art and culture – Agrorinasce
  • National Operational Program ERDF “Security for Development” Convergence Objective 2007 – 2013 Eu.praxis Pathways for the dissemination of the culture of legality – Prefettura di Reggio Calabria
  • Forecasting of Strategic Skills Needs” service within the project ‘Forecasting Needs for Strategic Competences’, funded by the ESF 2007-2013 to apply to the Operational Objective 02 referred to in Axis VII POR Campania – issue 11 – Provincia di Napoli
  • YOUrope 2013  – DG Communication
  • A qualitative study on the insertion in the labour market of second-generation young migrant – ISFOL
  • A study on the illegal work of foreign workers in Italy – ISFOL
  • Realization of two scenario studies for the anticipation of professional needs in the sectors of economic activity: Chemical and Banking, Financial and Insurance Services – ISFOL
  • CAWI Survey on Public and Private Employment Services – ISFOL
  • Restructuring in the public sector – EUROFOUND
  • Support to civil society and other stakeholders aiming at promoting equality between women and men – PROGRESS
  • Accompagnamento all’implementazione del Masterplan regionale delle politiche e dei servizi per il lavoro” – ITALIA LAVORO


  • PON Security “Creative citizenship – Comune di Scandale
  • Review and analysis of regional and sub-regional initiatives aimed at improving employment and employability of specific targets of the labor market (Women, Youth, Foreigners, Disabled, Over 50 – ISFOL
  • Improvement of a study on counterfeiting via the Internet in the footwear and eyewear sectors – Ministero dello Sviluppo
  • Educational enrichment paths for Roman students – Roma Capitale
  • PON Security emergency to integration – Comune di Scandale
  • Realization of a survey on the theme of the enhancement of new professional skills in the Convergence objective regions – Ministero del Lavoro e delle Politiche sociali
  • YOUrope 2012 – Dg Communication
  • the realization of a research on the impact of the themes of sustainable development on productive and professional systems – ISFOL
  • Service of n. 2 annual sample statistics surveys on “Marchigiane Families and Labor Market” – Regione Marche

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