“The Decisive Moment” is a project of the “I Do Not Risk” campaign aimed at boys and girls in middle schools, focusing on increasing awareness about risks (both natural and human-caused) to which we are all exposed.

The comic “The Decisive Moment,” distributed to all middle school students, especially on October 13th, the United Nations International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, has been read, discussed, and analyzed in classes with the support and guidance of teachers.

This 24-panel story features four main characters, each associated with a specific risk: earthquake, tsunami, wildfire, and flood. The project is based on the work done over the years by the Department of Civil Protection with the campaign “I Do Not Risk – good civil protection practices.”

Within the comic, strategically placed QR codes allow readers to access video content that delves deeper into the individual risks faced by the characters.

The comic is also available as an audiobook, allowing the story to be fully accessible through sound narration. This format ensures that the content is accessible to blind, visually impaired students, or those with other disorders that make reading difficult. Ares 2.0 handled the editorial project and produced the related multimedia content.

There are options to download the comic’s PDF or listen to the audiobook.


Download the comic book pdf (IT)

Listen the audiobook (IT)


Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department of Civil Protection


Script, dubbing, motion graphics, editing, audio/video post-production.

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