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Graphic design and layout of the comic book “The Decisive Moment,” written by Roberto Gagnor with artwork by Mattia Surroz. The project is promoted by the Minister for Civil Protection and Sea Policies, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Merit. Printed in nearly 2 million copies, it was distributed to all middle school students on October 13th, the international day for risk reduction as designated by the United Nations.

A story told in 24 panels that narrates the events of 4 main characters, each associated with a specific risk: earthquake, tsunami, forest fire, and flood. The project was based on the work carried out over the years by the Department of Civil Protection with the campaign “I don’t risk it – good civil protection practices.”

Within the comic book, strategically placed in the story, there are QR CODEs through which you can access video content related to the specific risks faced by the protagonists. The comic book is also available in an audiobook version, where the story can be fully experienced through an audio narration, allowing visually impaired, partially sighted students, or those with other reading difficulties to enjoy the product.

Ares 2.0 has also created the multimedia content related to the publication.

Download the comic book PDF.(IT)

Click here to listen to the audiobook. (IT)


Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri – Dipartimento della Protezione Civile

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