The report summarizes the results of the Open Project: Working Package 2. The following text is structured into five chapters. The first introduces the topic by explaining the phenomena of radicalization. The second is comparing the theoretical analysis (desk analysis) of the partners inside their
The third chapter describes the practical analysis (field analysis). It presents the main aspects and results of the online research activity. Furthermore, it is also interpreting the data in graphics and text. The commonalities and differences inside the partners countries are explained.

The fourth chapter analyses the online survey that was available in five different languages on the projects’ website. Not all questions are presented and compared with each other, but the most important are listed in the Chapter. CSOs (Civil Society Organizations) and social workers were able to answer questions that were gathered inside on of the first partner meetings in January. The answers can give us an overview of the circumstances in the partners local area and will be useful for the decision making and possible cooperation’s later.
The Fifth Chapter lists a selection of tackle opportunities. That can be helpful and can be integrated into a strategy that prevent the radicalization of young Muslims.
For further information and a more detailed plan please note that the document Recommendation for CSOs is opening the practical aspects of prevention work.
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