The project

SIGN is a European funded project which aims to increase the perception, in young consumers, of the intellectual property rights value as engine of social and economical progress for the entire community.
SIGN is a project that sees the partnership of 8 consumer associations based in different European countries and connected to ECU – European Consumer union.


EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Offic)

ECU (European Consumers Union)

Italia (Federconsumatori APS )

Grecia (EEKE – Union of Working Consumers of Greece)

Bulgaria (ALACR – Association for Legal Aid in Consumers Rights)

Spagna (CONSUMUR – Asociación de Consumidores y Usuarios en Red)

Romania (InfoCons Association)

Croazia (CEIP – Centre for education and informing consumers)


Lituania (Saugok Save)


Communication campaign, video production, social ADV management, BTL materials.

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