The project

Perinatal violence is a specimen of domestic violence (physical, sexual, psychological, economic), suffered by a woman during the pregnancy and in the early periods after the birth of the child as well as the GBV suffered in the past by a woman, whose traumas emerge again during pregnanc.

MAP – A Multidisciplinary Approach to tackle, screen, recognize and treat the different forms of Perinatal Violence– is a European project aiming to improve the quality of services provided to victims and potential victims of perinatal violence.


Il Melograno (IT) Horizon Service (IT), Dinamika Centre (BG), KWC (GR) and Zavod Odprta Dlan Trbovlje (SL) Associazione Studi Locali (IT)


Campagna di comunicazione, Produzione video, gestione social ADV, materiali BTL.

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