Il progetto

The European Youth Engaging in Solidarity and Sport (EYESS) intends to encourage social inclusion, tackle discrimination and intolerance through sport by transferring the good practice of Mondiali Antirazzisti in a new partnership between civil society and the academic environment in Greece, Hungary, Austria, Italy and Denmark .

In this framework, the project aims to:

Enable key organizations to replicate Mondiali Antirazzisti’s model and methodology in their local areas involving academic environments;
Raise awareness among local institutional stakeholders and local civil society about sport as a tool for social inclusion and the potentialities of the local replications to this purpose
Foster participation of migrants and local young people in sports and to create a constructive dialogue between different social groups
Train operators, youth workers and similar profiles to a better awareness raising activity and proper skills to use sport as a pedagogical tool to foster social inclusion of “vulnerable” target groups
Develop a “bridge” between the world of high-level education and non-profit organizations that are dedicated to volunteering and the inclusion of disadvantaged people through the engagement of its members as its institutions
Promote exchange of good practices and networking between subjects who in various capacities contribute to generate and disseminate a policy of sport and social living that responds to the principles of non-discrimination, social inclusion and individual commitment with respect to the problems and needs of the community.


UISP, Associazione Ares 2.0, Horizon Service, VIDC, International Academy of Physical Education in Ollerup, Budapest Association for International Sports (BAIS), Sapienza University – Department of Communication and Social Research (CORIS), Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece (TEIWEST)

Attività realizzate

Communication campaign, video production, BTL

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