il sindacato nell'era della quarta rivoluzione industriale

Everyone is talking about Industry 4.0 and the possible fourth industrial revolution, but what does it really consist of? What will be its effects on the labor market and what are the new challenges for representative organizations?

To these and other questions Ares 2.0 tried to answer the training course that took place on Thursday May 24th, when he took the Coop. Belforte in Varese, organized by the Fiom of Varese and edited by researchers and trainers of Ares 2.0 in which over 90 people took part, including officials and trade union delegates.



il sindacato nell'era della quarta rivoluzione industriale

This is an experimental training course bringing together the research materials produced during this three-year period that aims to stimulate a reflection within the union on the implications of this possible industrial revolution with respect to the world of work and industrial relations. Some of the researches and studies the course is based are Smart Factory: an in-depth analysis of the footwear industry, Industry 4.0: competitiveness scenarios for companies in the Filctem industrial system in Lombardy and the New professions 4.0 in the fashion system (currently being published),

After the first edition held in Pescara, organized by Filctem- Abruzzo, the course was re-proposed in to Fiom- Varese. In this new version the course is structured along four blocks of activity that can be adapted according to needs and is developed through a methodology that alternates moments of frontal training with participatory training activities in order to stimulate a reflection that directly involves the participants.




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