After the CGIL Monza also the Labor Chamber of Lodi relies on ARES 2.0 for the campaign on membership in the craft sector. The object of the assignment consists in the realization of a communication plan towards the workers of the province of Lodi organized on 10 activities:

  • economic mapping of the territory and identification and profiling of the target;
  • conception of an institutional communication campaign consisting of a visual with a claim and a pay off that signs and closes the message;
  • development of a media plan aimed at organizing the campaign on the selected media channels: digital-social; eventistic, postal;
  • declination of the campaign according to each communication channel that will be used;
  • creation and realization of BTL materials (Locandina, ZCard, Postcard, roll-up and other materials for setting up event spaces);
  • spot video production of the communication campaign;
  • processing, activation and management of new media advertising on the main social channels;
  • coaching of the new media editorial of CGIL Lodi to increase access, online conversations, and social relations of CGIL;
  • direct marketing activity management through postal, web, sms channel;
  • production of information materials through the infographics tool;