Following the awarding of the tender, following a phase of comparison between Ares 2.0 and INAPP, the six sectors within which the SCENARIO study will be focused have been identified. During the period 2019-2020 will be analyzed: agriculture, the food industry, the rubber-plastic, automotive, shipbuilding and electricity sectors.

The choice with respect to these six sectors was made in agreement with the client on the basis of a qualitative and quantitative assessment compared to a set of 17 variables that the research group of Ares 2.0 wanted to bring to the table to provide a greater level of detail .

The six sectors thus selected represent a pool of workers of over one million seven hundred and fifty thousand units. The task of the research group will be to understand how technological, institutional, economic and socio-cultural changes will impact on the way of producing and consequently on the professional skills associated with some key professions within this varied and rich production universe. .

The analysis of changes in professional needs in these six sectors will enrich the already extensive work promoted by INAPP, which saw Ares 2.0 involved in the realization of scenario studies in the chemical-pharmaceutical sector, in cultural heritage, in fashion, in transport and in banking-insurance.