On 11 and 12 March, the scenario project officially kicked off with the creation of the first focus group with industry experts, the social partners, institutional subjects and a series of academic and civil society guests to work on the study of the most probable changes in the next five years and their impact on the skills and professional needs within the agriculture sector.
This first meeting, which took place at the INAPP headquarters, is the first of five in-depth studies that will be guided by the Ares 2.0 research team. This is a work program that aims to arrive in July at the shared definition with the focus group participants of the new professional data sheets for those professions that will be subjected to change in a five-year time horizon. In addition to the occasional presence of some experts called to collaborate as auditors, representatives of the three main agricultural workers ‘unions (FLAI-CGIL, FAI-CISL and UILA-UIL) of the major employers’ organizations (Coldiretti, Confagricoltura and CIA) of the institutional world will participate in the working groups, thanks in the presence of the Ministry of Agricultural, Food, Forestry and Tourism Policies and the Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, and of the Council of the National Order of Agronomists and Forest Doctors. It is a large panel of experts who have been invited to participate precisely in order to provide a broader vision capable of grasping the changes underway from multiple perspectives and points of view. Tables related to the food sector and energy, which will take place in the same manner and for the same purpose.