Ares2.0 together with the Protom Group and 7 universities of the region, have been commissioned by the Campania Region for the realization of the Ricart project. It aims at supporting the development of artistic craftsmanship in Campania.

The project is in continuity with the activities developed by the REPOS network of excellence. It intends to put at the system the skills and knowledge acquired in the field of the construction and management of innovative collaborative networks, with a view to territorial development, dissemination of knowledge conveyed by enabling technologies.

In this perspective, the aim of the project is to activate an Innovative Collaboration Network aimed at encouraging the development of new forms of networking of the Campania artistic craft system. This is done with the ultimate goal of promoting the growth and development of the entire sector on a regional basis.

To reach these objectives, a set of industrial research and experimental development will be realized by the universities and a group of specialized SMEs.

In terms of Industrial Research, the project intends to pursue two objectives: a) To define a model of Innovative Network of Collaboration between artistic craft enterprises in Campania to build a team of companies motivated with a common vision and a network to share ideas, information and work;  b) To define a network management and governance model that allows a quality chain.