The research “the energy gas water: lombardy in the national and european framework” was presented in cremona

As part of the initiative “Utilities between Innovation and changes: From the mere territory to an integrated industrial energy system ” realized on June 25, 2013 at the Relais Convento – Via Persichello; the report elaborated by ARES 2.0 “The Water Gas Energy Sector: Lombardy in the National and European Framework” was presented.

The meeting was attended by MAURO DI GIACOMO, economist of Ares 2.0; ROSALBA CICERO, General secretary of FILCTEM CGIL Lombardy; NATALE CARAPELLESE, Department of Energy-CGIL Lombardy; FRANCO MAZZINI AD – Linea Group Holding; MARCO ARCARI General secretary of. FILCTEM CGIL- Cremona; PIPPO RANCI Chairman of the Supervisory Board – A2A; ENZO GRECO General secretary of. FILCTEM CGIL -Milan; MAURO FASANO Director of Energy and Technological Networks – Lombardy Region; NINO BASEOTTO General secretary of CGIL Lombardy; MARIO PAOLO MAURI

Corporate Sales Manager North West Area – ENEL; UGO CHERUBINI, General secretary of FILCTEM CGIL -Brescia

EMILIO MICELI, General Secretary of FILCTEM CGIL Nazionale