Ares 2.0 returns to work in the industrial laundry sector. After working on a series of 10 research products that have deepened the services and markets in which industrial laundry companies operate, EBLI, the bilateral organization of industrial laundries, entrusts Ares 2.0 with the task for the construction of the observatory on 2nd level bargaining and the start of the first recognition and analysis of agreements signed within the sector.

During the 18 months of the assignment, Ares 2.0 will be engaged in the realization of the following products:

  • An operating manual for collecting agreements and systematization of data;
  • An updated map of companies operating in the various sectors of the sector with the main information elements of the company
  • A LimeService platform for CAWI administration of detection boards
  • A virtual library of documentation, studies and databases available on business bargaining
  • A bargaining manual in the form of guidelines for companies and RSUs in the sector.
  • A Layman’s report in Ebook format and in printed editorial format for wide dissemination
  • A package of Infographics and banners to facilitate web/social dissemination of the results of the observatory