The kick off meeting of the OPEN project (Leveraging the pOtentialities of New media and ProactivE CSOs and grass root movements to overcome Islamic radicalization oNline) funded by the European Commission, is taking place in Ares 2.0 office in Rome.
In 2 years Ares 2.0, together with its international partners European Muslim Union (France), Eu Diaspora Council (Sweden), Mitra France (France), Association Cultural e Deportiva La Hoya (Spain) and Programma Integra (Italy), will engage young members of Muslim communities and CSOs in an intense communication campaign aiming to fight radicalization processes taking place online and offline.
OPEN will develop a research-action activity to clarify push and pull factors of the radicalization processes in the local communities involved in the project (Muslim communities in Rome, Nice, Strasbourg and Alicante). On the basis of this strategic preliminary study, partner organizations and civil society organizations will be involved in a counter narrative alternative social interaction campaign.