Stereotypes, hate speech, youth and school once again are the topics of Ares 2.0 commitment. After the experience gained on issues related to the Roma community in Romunicare ( and M4R (, but also alongside the interventions with schools, such as NEMO and Astra, now the European Commission funds the DREAM project (Erasmus + KA2).
The project aims to create an empowerment and awareness path of the Italian, Bulgarian and Spanish school systems about the need to overcome online stereotyped communication about the Roma community.
In a context where Roma communities are victim of a distorted communication, based on fake news and common places, it is necessary to help young people (11-14 years) to enter the online world properly. To do this, the project intends to examine the most common forms of discriminatory approaches among young people and their families. In addition, it creates an innovative kit to help teachers to guide students towards more balanced communication habits on Roma community.
Ares 2.0 will carry out the institutional communication strategy. Its activity will be carried out alongside the commitment of a highly specialized partnership: The Pere Closa Foundation (Spain), the Amalipe Association (Bulgaria) Arci Solidarietà Onlus (Italy) and to a group of schools that present the high number of Roma students.