The Consortium of National Services (CNS) relies on Ares 2.0 for an analysis of the social welfare and social care services market.

The survey aims to answer the following questions:

  • What are the macro service / sector areas that make up the aggregate of the SOCIO ASSISTANCE SOCIAL SYSTEM?
  • How is this system organized in terms of operators, activities and the market?
  • What growth opportunities are presented in the next few years for operators, what market trends will they favour and which are threats?
  • To what extent can the technological progress on the ICT front be capitalized?
  • What are the constraints and critical points to take into account to seize the opportunities that arise?

For the this Project five tools will be used:

  • Review of exiting researches and literature on the issue
  • Analysis of statistical sources, reconstruction and updating of the numbers of the system
  • Analysis of the main operators, strategies and organizational models of those offering a top position in social welfare services.
  • Meeting and interviews with expert and main actors to interpret specific dynamics and build a more detailed and real scenario