FORMATEMP assigns to ARES 2.0 and IRES the realization of the research ” The Trap Of The Submerged Work and Disadvantaged People: Strengthening the Targeted Services to Support Work Insertion through a Public-Private Synergy in an Optic of Active Policy to Combat Irregularities”

The objective is the realization of a research articulated on the following activities / documents: analysis and elaboration of a map of services about work and employment provided by the public and private network (with a focus on disadvantaged categories); identification of good practices of public-private cooperation interventions in the provision of services aimed at the employability of disadvantaged people; organization of three tables comparing local areas and aiming at developing a shared plan of public / private cooperation; elaboration of cooperation documents and offer of services for the targeted management of initiatives to support the employment of disadvantaged people and prevention of irregular work.

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