Once again, Ares 2.0’s commitment to European social interventions and to the fight against discrimination has paid off.

On this occasion, Ares, through the technical and professional support provided by its association founded in 2016, EYESS project was created. This project in recent days was financed by the European Commission through the resources made available by the Erasmus + sport program.

EYESS is an ambitious project, led by the UISP – Italian Union of Sport For All – and encompasses the participation of 2 major public universities as well as 5 CSOs from 5 different European countries.

EYESS – European Youth Engaging in Solidarity and Sport – uses sport as a vehicle to counter racism and promote integration. The funding of this project will make it possible to broaden the experience of the anti-racist world beyond the national borders through training, communication and replication of the event in Greece, Hungary and Denmark.

The entire process will be monitored by the Sapienza University of Rome, which will produce a series of indicators to map the impact of the project on the selected target and evaluate the improvement of the skills of the various participants.