TRIP intended as a local ecosystem which allows a more efficient care of the cultural and environmental heritage, greener and more competitive economy as a key part of smart, inclusive and sustainable growth. In our proposal, the bioregion is based on the enhancement of cultural heritage (tangible and intangible) linked to its historical routes, current in the areas of replication. So, TRIP project promotes a BIOREGION ON THE ROUTES , whose self-governance tools are an Eco-museum and an Agricultural Park; in each of them, a network of historical and naturalistic paths will be the connecting system, conceived as a sustainable use of the territory and an asset for their multifunctional enhancement, oriented to activate local economic systems. The whole process is based on the Living Labs approach, where research and innovation are applied to real life communities and settings. This fosters co-creation and the adoption of a challenge-driven, solutions-oriented local development through the direct and simultaneous involvement of economic and research actors, public authorities and civil society. Local stakeholders are engaged from the planning and decision making phase, until the implementation, so as the whole development process is built by local community. In this process, one of the main actor will be the local business system who, from the beginning it, will have to become protagonists of a project whose primary goal includes new opportunities for economic and employment