Ares 2.0 will carry out a survey on behalf of the National Observatory of Concia along the three main Italian production sectors of the sector (the Campania district of Solofra, the Tuscan one of Santa Croce and the Venetian one of Arzignano) aimed at studying the professional changes within of the production process. The project will be carried out in collaboration with Fondazione Tarantelli, OSR and UNIC

This is a work based on a field methodology that will alternate in-depth interviews, company visits and online questionnaires to the main companies in the sector. Through this analytical methodology, once the main steps of the production process and the main business models are reconstructed, we intend to study how the phenomena of economic, technological, social and market transformation are modifying the production process of the tanning and consequently the professional system. In this sense, the ultimate goal of the project will be to identify the main professional figures most subject to ongoing transformations and provide the social partners with a document that can guide them both in the renegotiation of job descriptions and in the identification of specific needs. professional.