Ares 2.0 continues its commitment in the field of training on innovation and industry 4.0. On Monday, October 28th, the first of the three lessons run by our company was held within the RoadJob Academy on how the factory of the future will change.
This is a training module designed by Ares 2.0 to tell young people in search of employment how tomorrow’s work will be transformed and to understand together with them how to improve their professional skills to respond to new business needs.

Through an innovative didactic approach, based on participatory learning conducted with role-playing games, individual exercises, videos and brainstormig, which served as a corollary to more frontal forms of teaching, the young people involved were called to self-assess their professional skills and their attitudes and to compare them with those required by the labor market within an industry perspective 4.0.
The first module was held in Desio, at the Enrico Fermi Technical Institute, and will be replicated in Lecco and Erba for a total of 40 children between the ages of 19 and 29 who in the future aspire to carry out business activities within companies manufacturing of the territory.
In fact, RoadJob Academy is a training project, aimed at recruiting young people in local businesses, lasting two months, alternating classroom hours and moments of support in the company.
The Academy is promoted by a network of local companies, training institutes and temporary agencies, created to facilitate the meeting between production companies in the districts of Como, Lecco and Brianza.