Ares 2.0’s commitment to social issues is enhanced thanks to the approval by the European Commission of Children First project. We will be engaged in research and institutional communication work within an international partnership led by Horizon Service (Italy), which also includes Cismai (Italy), WCK (Greece), Gender Project Foundation (Bulgaria) and Dinamika Center (Bulgaria).

Children First is a project funded by the European program Rights, Equality and Citizenship, which aims to improve levels of assistance and support for children victims of witnessed violence. Specifically, the project aims to increase the skills of professionals active in this field in dealing with and detecting, even in advance, cases of witnessed domestic violence, strengthening cooperation between the various parties involved in these issues.
Ares 2.0, in this area, will provide its expertise by supporting the Cismai in the assessment of training needs in the identification and treatment of cases of witnessed violence. Likewise, it will guide partners in raising awareness of the public about a phenomenon that is widespread today but still too undervalued.
In this perspective, during the project, training activities will be carried out for professionals and territorial guidelines and agreements will be developed to promote future working tools focused on cooperation among the various specialized centers.