Ares 2.0 returns to work for the realization of foresight studies. This confirms that Ares is now the company that in Italy can boast the broadest expertise in this methodology of research related to the world of professions and their evolutions in the labor market. In fact, Ares 2.0 will once again be working alongside INAPP (ex Isfol), winning a tender for the assignment of a support service aimed at creating 6 scenario studies to anticipate professional needs. The purpose of the assignment is to study the most probable problems in the next five years and their impact on skills and professional needs. It is, therefore, a work that is looked at within a path that for several years has seen Ares 2.0 engaged in the analysis of changes in the world of professions. In the chemical-pharmaceutical sector, in banking-insurance, transport and cultural heritage, fashion in the past few years for Isfol, but also in other important projects such as the survey carried out for the CNS for the study of the social-health services sector and, the survey on new professions 4.0 also in the fashion system, realized through the resources made available by Fondimpresa.