Ares 2.0’s European commitment continues. On Monday, January 22nd, our head of the design office, Chiara Alonzo, together with a delegation of Horizion Service and Roberta Salvati, councilor of the municipality of Sulmona, was received in Brussels by the staff of the European Parliamentarian Andrea Cozzolino to discuss the measures to be taken for the development of the territory, in order to strengthen the impact of a dense, strategic and coherent design. The meeting took place at the European Parliament, and was an opportunity to discuss social policies, welfare and measures to effectively combat poverty, school dropout rates, and to support the process of inclusion in public life of the various disadvantaged groups in general.

The European visit was also an opportunity to lay the foundations for future opportunities and new partnerships in Research & Development. It was an important two days in Brussels, confirming Ares 2.0’s desire to expand its network and strengthen its operational capacity in Europe in order to propose on-the-ground initiatives and projects that are an expression of local needs, but that also know how to be an expression of European priorities and policies.