With the new research “Employment in companies of the integrated industrial system of textile and related medical goods and services” Ares 2.0 overcomes its first tragedy of 10 studies on the industrial laundry sector within the EBLI observatory.

As part of the activities of the Bilateral Board of Industrial Laundries (EBLI), Ares 2.0, together with Hermes Lab, have developed a series of 11 research products.

Under the scientific responsibility of Clemente Tartaglione, ARES 2.0 / HERMES LAB group of researchers elaborated the following research products:

  1. Observatory on the sector of industrial laundries
  2. Textile protective equipment and work clothes: Quality, innovation, environment, health and safety- the main levers for a development perspective
  3. The Italian market for textile products applied to surgery
  4. The laundry compartment for social welfare and hospital structures
  5. The reconditioning of civil society clothes in the industrial laundry system
  6. The market of Workwear and Personal Security Equipment
  7. Services for catering and hospitality
  8. A focus on the sterilization sector
  9. The specific features of the thermal sector in the field of laundry services for tourism
  10. The tissue treatment activity
  11. Employment in enterprises of the integrated industrial system of related textile and medical goods and services: a statistical picture of the main structural variables and an analysis of the perceived environmental conditions of work and well-being