Professional training

Implementation of training plans, analysis of professional needs.

ARES 2.0 has a long experience in training, qualification and professional development services, through the support of important institutions as a technical agency for the design and implementation of training plans.
In the Fashion sector, ARES2.0 has participated as a technical partner in over 20 training plans promoted by the National Bilateral Footwear Organization (OBNC) and by the National Bilateral Textile Clothing and Fashion Organization (OBN – TAM).

For its constant commitment to the issues related to the development of human capital, ARES2.0 is also an ISFOL provider of a service that updates the “Isfol Professions” information system contents, by carrying out scenario surveys to anticipate professional needs in the Textile- clothing, Chemistry-Pharmaceutics, Banks-Insurance sectors.
In its commitment on training, ARES2.0 thanks to the presence in its work team of art curators and historians, is expanding its operational boundaries towards the design and implementation of training activities that use the art channel for objectives of strictly corporate character.


  • Implementation of training plans
  • Analysis of professional needs
  • Development of teaching materials
  • Creation of professional cards
  • Training seminars